Travis Carr

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The Nintendo Switch Release Calendar

I got curious if anyone was tracking Switch game release dates in some google calendar anywhere so I posted over in /r/nintendoswitch Turns out there didn’t seem to be a good solution so I’ve create a calendar that I’m sharing here Feel free to add that calendar to get notified of game releases, I’ll try and keep it updated. Ps: Why has no one created a listing of public calendars that people can use? Read more →

Photography Gear

I thought it might be fun to list out the gear I have for photography. Possibly, over time, I’ll make posts that help inform others choices in gear. I shoot both film and digital, with the benefit of being able to use most of my film lenses digitally through the use of adapters. I separate my equipment here based on it being film or digital, but do note that the film glass can be used digitally. Read more →


I was hosting this on github initially, but it turns out that building a simple deploy pipeline was pretty easy, so I have it actually “deployed” right now to a host I use. I’ll almost certainly find somewhere with more disk space later so I can post photos on here. Its also possible I can come up with some kind of shortcode to have Hugo render images from Flickr… that would be nice. Read more →

Work In Progress

Working on using Hugo to build a website. I’m hosting it on github pages for now, but I’ll eventually host it somewhere else later for clarity. Read more →